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Excellent Fatigue Endurance

A designed powder of Titanium matrix composite (TMC) for additive manufacturing, ZTP10 belongs to ZTi-Powder® family and it was created by Z3DLAB to overcome the deficiencies of Ti6Al4V (Ti64) alloy at room and high temperature. The Fatigue endurance of additively manufactured ZTP10 powder is 40% higher than Ti64 manufactured via powder bed fusion technology (PBF). We understand that increasing metal parts life-span is a major challenge for industry. That is why we are keen on providing parts with high fatigue resistance that could save our clients more than 40% of their parts life-span.

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In addition to Fatigue Endurance, the mechanical resistance is very unique thanks to the ODS behavior of Zirconia inside the titanium matrix. Many reports on this matter are available upon request by filing the Contact Us form.

More About Fatigue Endurance

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