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DNA Dental implants

Why The Need to

We know that most of AMed and traditionally manufactured dental implants have a small surface area to achieve high quality adherence with the adjacent bone.


Z3DLAB designed and manufactured  a family of dental implants using ZTM14N powder. The design has a DNA shape and controlled honeybee porosity. After in vivo tests, the results showed that 96% of the implants volume was colonized by bone or so called "Bone Integration".


This work was conducted with the collaboration of the German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Test (BAM) and the French National Lab Of Metrology (LNE Paris).

implant vs.jpg

Why Are We Different 

Z3DLAB is the only company presenting an implant combining all the competitive advantages for patients and patricians by increasing the implant osseointegration, limiting its toxicity and loss risks, and by reducing the time to implant. The first anchored implant in the market.


Thanks to our patented designed AMed Dental Implant, we maintain strong position in regards with innovation and healthcare. The combination of the unique DNA implant design (See below) and the biocompatible ZTM14N powder composition. The affinity of the bone with Dental implant is highly impressive. 


Our Materials Are Studied

Because of the interest on this game changer solution, many studies were performed on both the design of the DNA implants manufactured with the ZTM14N powder. 

More about these studies and reports, please contact us.

Interested In Learning More About Our DNA Implant

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