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ZTM14N Powder 1

ZTM14N Powder


Where Softness & Robustness meet

10 times more resistant to inflammatory species

Excellent body fluid corrosion resistant

Proven biocompatibility 

The Lowest stiffness (Young Modulus)

Fully Bio

Fully Bio-compatible

More Biocompatible than Ti64 and CoCr alloys 

No Cyto-toxicity, Proven under ISO 10993-5

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What is ZTM14N ?

ZTM14N belongs to the ZTi-Med® powder family.


It is a Titanium ternary alloy, it is a biocompatible material designed to maintain a good strength-ductility ratio.


It has a very low elastic modulus (Young’s modulus) of  42 GPa which brings it within the elastic modulus of human bone (~5-30 GPa). 

Necessary ZTM

Why is it necessary to get ZTM14N ?

ZTM14N does not contain any toxic elements such as vanadium and aluminum found in Ti64.

The exceptional elasticity of ZTM14N makes it one of the most unique innovations in the AM industry.


To validate the PBF process, ZTM14N powder was used to manufacture medical implants such as, dental implants, clavicles and maxilla implants. 

Special ZTM14N

What's so special about ZTM14N ?

No need for platform pre-heating nor complexe manufacturing parameters.


The AM process of ZTM14N Powder was first developed  on a Laser Powder Bed based AM machine and then on a DED machine.


Also, ZTM14N powder was used for dental implants manufacturing and finally perform certifications.

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