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Madjid Djemaï



Jean-Jacques Fouchet

VP Business Development 


Philippe De Suzzoni


Z3DLAB is transforming the way the industry and the medical will build titanium parts or implants in the Additive Manufacturing market.

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Long-term focus

The long-term focus for Z3DLAB is driven by our vision “We set the industry standard” with the aim of sustainably creating value for customers, shareholders and employees. Our roadmap covers several focus areas that support Z3DLAB's growth, profitability and cash flow generation, including:

Improving customer productivity

Based on our materials and applications know-how – in combination with extensive R&D – we continuously develop new products that improve customer productivity.

Capital and cost efficiency

In a lean and agile operating structure where decisions are made close to the customer, we will drive capital and cost allocation toward segments and product areas with the highest potential for growth and returns.

Why Investing In Z3DLAB

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