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Titanium-Like Welding of ZTM14N Parts

Repairing and Welding Medical Parts

As Powder Producers, We also think about the Future of our Clients. Medical Practitioner in Dental Fields Could face major issues in welding parts, this is due mainly to the type of material used for filling or the part itself. ZTM14N Made-Parts are completely and easily weldable. ZTM14N Weldability Tests were Performed in accredited Laboratory in France. Test Report gave impressive results.


Take Advantage of Your Failed Prints


Easy Welding – No need for Welding process developing. Welding speed is 2X more faster than Ti64 and CoCr. Parctionners gets theirs welded parts faster.


Use Your Failed Parts – Due to its affinity, Welding is an integrated matter of the parts, therefore a SOLID adhesion is ensured. 


Machining of Welds – The welds are completely machinable 


Failed Prints – Completely Recyclable. Your Failed Prints are your filling mater.

Crown Deposit on ZTM14N Made Implants

High Adhesion Strength  – . Zirconia Depot on ZTM14N Made Implants is more than 2X Stronger than Ti64 and CoCr. 


Reports about this depot are available upon request.


Need Reports

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