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Excellent Powder Properties

Why ZTM14N Powder Is Unique

Due to the high biocompatibility of the powder and its affinity towards bone cells , we stand sure that ZTM14N is an excellent candidate to replace Ti64 and CoCr alloys in medical. Z3DLAB strategy is not only to provide the powder, but also the design of medical ZTM14N implants . Combining these two patented technologies creates a real impact on the field and makes its a unique products for the market


We adapt ZTM14N For Your Technology


We know that producing new powders to fit a certain application is costly and effort consuming. Also managing particle size distribution (PSD) and quality are very challenging duo. That's why ZTM14N powders is unique. Not only we could provide powder with high purity and shape but also with a controlled PSD which could be helpful to your AM technology. 

Want To Know How We Do It

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