ZTi-Powder® is based on "TA6V and Zirconia" to provide an extremely hard, ductile and heat resistant material for both Powder Bed Fusion (PBF) as well as Direct Energy Deposition (DED).


All Mechanical and Physical results have been independently measured by the French National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) and KITECH (Korean Institute of Industrial Technology).



ZTi-Powder® ½% and 1% are designed to be used ON STANDARD machine manufacturer, fusion parameters are almost as similar as conventionally additive manufactured Ti6Al4V. 

Other families of ZTi-Powder have been tested successfully but are available only on demand.


A Hardness of HV 903 and Fatigue ratio of 0.7 ASTM E466 (0.23 for TA6V), have been obtained by specific powder mixtures and heat treatments. 

The formation of an homogeneous oxide dispersion strengthening (ODS) alloy via nYSZ addition plays a major role on increasing the hardness because ODS alloys are difficult to achieve with conventional methods, additive manufacturing provides the solutions to achieve high mechanical properties.