After two years of research, Z3DLAB was created in January 2014 by Madjid Djemaï and Jean-Jacques Fouchet bringing combined knowledge of Nano-Sciences and Physics to address advanced material design for the Additive Manufacturing.



Z3DLAB received its first SLM metal printer in February 2014, by April 2015 realized a world premiere in Fusioning Titanium and Zirconia to make the strongest and most heat resistant material. This led to a family of advanced nxTMC (Titanium Matrix Composite) called ZTi-Powder® mainly targeted for the industry. In 2016 a new family of nxTMC called ZTi-Med® was making a second world premiere as the most elastic and nontoxic Titanium to supply the medical segment.



After improving its process Z3DLAB offers, a 1% charged of Zirconia, Advanced Powders ZTi-Powder® & ZTi-Med® usable on any AM machines without any change in parameters or design. These two advanced materials, specifically designed for AM, have unique properties* (HV 441, GPa 35).



Z3DLAB aims to become a world leader in AM advanced material and have ZTi-Powder®, ZTi-Med® replacing standard Titanium in all AM industries.



The company is constantly preparing the elaboration and production of new powders.

* All material characteristics have been independently measured by the French National Center for  Scientific Research (CNRS).